JIGU 14.4V VK04 HSTNN-YB4M Laptop battery for HP TPN-Q116 Sleekbook 15T-B100 TouchSmart 14 Series 8 cells CTO 14z-b000 15t-b000

JIGU 14.4V VK04 HSTNN-YB4M Laptop battery for HP TPN-Q116 Sleekbook 15T-B100 TouchSmart 14 Series 8 cells CTO 14z-b000 15t-b000

In stock

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm (6.69in x 4.33in x 1.97in)

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Battery Type: Li-ion Battery Voltage : 14.8V/14.4v Label Capacity : 5200mAh Full Capacity : 4400mAh Battery Cell: 8cells Product Type : Replacement Battery (100% Brand New) Condition : 100% Brand New, 24 months warranty! Certificated by CE & Rohs ! Photos show: HSTNN-YB4D laptop batteries can replace the following part number: For HP 694864-851 695192-001 8947864-851 H4Q45AA HSTNN-DB4D HSTNN-YB4D HSTNN-YB4M TPN-Q113 TPN-Q114 TPN-Q115 TPN-Q116 VK04 VOLKS HSTNN-YB4D laptop battery is compatible with the following models : For HP For HP Chromebook 15-B112EO 15-b003tx 14-C010US 15-B112SS 15-b004ev 14-x010nr 15-B113TU 15-b004tu For Pavilion 15-B114EL 15-b005ej 14-ak010nr 15-B114SG 15-b005el 14 Series 15-B114TU 15-b005tu 14-B004TX 15-B114TX 15-b006ed 14-B005TX 15-B115EA 15-b006ee 14-B006TX 15-B115EL 15-b006eo 14-B024AU 15-B115SA 15-B006SE 14-B024TX 15-B115SW 15-b007ee 14-B025AU 15-B116EL 15-B007SE 14-B025TX 15-b116sa 15-B007SX 14-B025TX(C8B69PA) 15-B117el 15-b008ee 14-B026TX 15-B117ss 15-B008SE 14-B032TU 15-B118el 15-b008tu 14-B033TU 15-b118sa 15-b008tx 14-B042TU 15-B118ss 15-b009ee 14-B111EO 15-B119es 15-B009SE 14-B119AU 15-B119sl 15-B009SS 14-B121AU 15-B119ss 15-b009tu 14-B129TU 15-B120er 15-b010ej 14-B131TU 15-B120ew 15-b010es CHROMEBOOK 14-B000 15-B120la 15-b010et CHROMEBOOK 14-B099 15-B120sw 15-B010EW M4 15-B120us 15-B010SS M4-1008TX(D9H30PA) 15-B121el 15-b010st M4-1009TX(D9H31PA) 15-B121er 15-B010SW M4-1010TX(D9H32PA) 15-B121sl 15-b010tu M4-1016TX(E6G04PA 15-B122ee 15-b010tx M4-1017TX 15-B122er 15-b010us M4-1018TX 15-B122ss 15-b011et M4-1019TX 15-B123es 15-b011nr For Pavilion Sleekbook 15-B123nr 15-b011st 14 Series 15-B123ss 15-b011tu 14-1000 15-B123tu 15-b012ee 14-2099 15-B124sl 15-b012nr 14-b000ed 15-B125sb 15-B012SE 14-b000ee 15-B125sl 15-b012tu 14-b000ei 15-B125tu 15-b013ei 14-b000ej 15-B126tu 15-b013tu 14-b000eo 15-B127TU 15-B020EL 14-b000es 15-B128el 15-b020et 14-b000et 15-B128es 15-B020EW 14-B000EX 15-B129el 15-b020st 14-B000SG 15-B129er 15-B020SW 14-B000SS 15-B129es 15-B023CL 14-B000SX 15-B129sr 15-B024SL 14-b001au 15-B130eb 15-b025ec 14-b001ea 15-B130sc 15-b025sc 14-b001eia 15-B130sw 15-b027ec 14-b001ek 15-B131el 15-B027EL 14-B001SA 15-B132es 15-b027sc 14-b001tx 15-B133es 15-B028SL 14-b002au 15-B135ea 15-b030eb 14-B002EA 15-B135sa 15-b030ec 14-B002EO 15-B135sb 15-b030eg 14-B002SK 15-B135tx 15-b030el 14-b002tx 15-B136tx 15-B030EW 14-b003au 15-B137ss 15-b032el 14-b004tu 15-B137tu 15-b033el 14-b005au 15-B138tu 15-B035EC 14-b006au 15-B139tu 15-b035el 14-b006tu 15-b140ca 15-b036ez 14-b007au 15-B140eb 15-b038ca 14-b008au 15-B140el 15-b040ep 14-b008tu 15-B140sb 15-b040sl 14-b009au 15-B140us 15-B040SP 14-b009tu 15-B141el 15-b041eb 14-b010au 15-B142ef 15-B041SB 14-b010tu 15-b143cl 15-b042sf 14-b010us 15-B146ea 15-b043sf 14-b012au 15-B146sa 15-b044sf 14-b012tu 15-B147ef 15-b045el 14-b012tx 15-B148ef 15-B045SF 14-b013au 15-B148el 15-b050ea 14-B013CL 15-B150ef 15-b050eb 14-b013nr 15-B150ej 15-b050el 14-b013tu 15-B150er 15-b050ew 14-b013tx 15-B150sf 15-b050sa 14-b014au 15-B150sg 15-b050sf 14-b014tu 15-B150sj 15-B050SR 14-b014tx 15-B150so 15-B050SW 14-b015au 15-B150st 15-B051EA 14-b015dx 15-B150sv 15-b051el 14-b015tx 15-B151sg 15-b051er 14-b016tx 15-B152eo 15-b051sf 14-B017CL 15-B152sf 15-B051SR 14-B017NR 15-b152sg 15-b052ea 14-b017tx 15-B152so 15-b052sa 14-b018tu 15-B153er 15-b053ea 14-b019tu 15-b153sg 15-B053SR 14-B019US 15-B153so 15-B054SF 14-B020ES 15-B154sf 15-b055ca 14-b020tu 15-B155er 15-b055er 14-b022au 15-B155sc 15-b055sr 14-b023au 15-B155so 15-B058SR 14-b023tu 15-b156eo 15-b060sf 14-b023tx 15-B156sg 15-B060SL 14-b024au 15-B157sg 15-b061el 14-b024tu 15-b160ea 15-b061sf 14-b024tx 15-B160sf 15-B070ED 14-b025au 15-B160sj 15-B070SL 14-b025tu 15-B161SR 15-B072ED 14-b026au 15-B171sd 15-B076ED 14-b026tx 15-B172ed 15-B079ER 14-b027au 15-B174er 15-B079SR 14-b028au 15-B174sr 15-B086ER 14-b028tu 15-B179er 15-B086SR 14-B029AU 15-B179sr 15-B090SD 14-B029TU 15-B180sr 15-B100ED 14-b030tu 15-B191sg 15-B100EJ 14-B030TX 15-b192sa 15-B100EK 14-b031tu 15-B198ed 15-B100ER 14-B031TX 15t-b000 15-B100EU 14-B031US 15T-B100 CTO 15-B100SC 14-B032TX CTO 14z-b000 15-B100SH 14-b033ca CTO 15t-b000 15-B100SJ 14-b033tu For Pavilion TouchSmart 15-B100SL 14-b034tu 15-B100SM 14-b035tu 14-B111ee Sleekbook 15-B100SQ 14-b038tu 14-B111se Sleekbook 15-B100SV 14-b040tu 14-B114eeSleekbook 15-B100SW 14-b041tu 14-B114se Sleekbook 15-B100SY 14-b043tu 14-B115ej Sleekbook 15-B101EU 14-b046tu 14-B132tx Sleekbook 15-B101SD 14-b050la 14-B133tx Sleekbook 15-B101SH 14-B050TU 14-B137ca Sleekbook 15-B101SL 14-B051TU 14-B137tx Sleekbook 15-B101SM 14-B052TU 14-B137TX(D7N45PA) 15-B101SP 14-B053TU 14-B139TU(D7N47PA) 15-B101SQ 14-B054TU 14-B141tu Sleekbook 15-B101TX 14-B056TU 14-B142tu Sleekbook 15-B102ED 14-B057TU 14-B143tx Sleekbook 15-B102EJ 14-b061la 14-B149TX Sleekbook 15-B102EL 14-b062la 14-B150TU Sleekbook 15-B102EU 14-b064la 14-B151tu Sleekbook 15-B102SH 14-b070ed 14-B159EF Sleekbook 15-B102SP 14-B090SD 14-B159tu Sleekbook 15-B102SQ 14-B100EJ 14-B161tx Sleekbook 15-B102SS 14-B100EK 14-B162tx Sleekbook 15-B102TU 14-B101EIA 14-B163tx Sleekbook 15-B103AU 14-B101SIA 14-B164tu Sleekbook 15-B103EL 14-B102ED 14-B169tx Sleekbook 15-B103EV 14-B102XX 14-n026tx(F2C37PA) 15-B104SP 14-B104AU 14-n032tx(F2C43PA) 15-B104XX 14-B105AU 14-n064tx(F3Z52PA) 15-B105EL 14-B106AU 14T-B100 CTO Sleekbook 15-B105EU 14-B107AU 15-B056xx Sleekbook 15-B105EW 14-B107TU 15-B101au Sleekbook 15-B105LA 14-B108AU 15-B102au Sleekbook 15-B105SF 14-B108SA 15-B103au Sleekbook 15-B105SH 14-B109AU 15-B104au Sleekbook 15-B105SM 14-B109TX 15-B105au Sleekbook 15-B105SP 14-B110AU 15-B105ed Sleekbook 15-B105SQ 14-B110EE 15-B105sg Sleekbook 15-B105SU 14-B110SA 15-B106au Sleekbook 15-B105SW 14-B110SO 15-B107au Sleekbook 15-B106EL 14-B110US 15-B107cl Sleekbook 15-B106EO 14-B111AU 15-B107ed Sleekbook 15-B106EV 14-B112AU 15-B109wm Sleekbook 15-B107EO 14-B112SS 15-B110ej Sleekbook 15-B107SF 14-B113AU 15-B115sp Sleekbook 15-B107SL 14-B114AU 15-B115tx Sleekbook 15-B108SS 14-B114SS 15-B116tx Sleekbook 15-B109EL 14-B116AU 15-B117tx Sleekbook 15-B109SX 14-B117AU 15-B119EE Sleekbook 15-B110ER 14-B118AU 15-B119er Sleekbook 15-B110EW 14-B120AU 15-B119tx Sleekbook 15-B110EX 14-B120DX 15-B120ej Sleekbook 15-B110SO 14-B126TX 15-B120tu Sleekbook 15-B110SW 14-B128TU 15-B121ej Sleekbook 15-B110SX 14-B130TU 15-B121tx Sleekbook 14-b002eo 14-B130US 15-B122tx Sleekbook 14-b003sa 14-B140EF 15-B124es Sleekbook 14-b005ea 14-B145TX 15-B124ss Sleekbook 14-b005sa 14-B150EF 15-B129sa Sleekbook 14-b006sa 14-B150EJ 15-B130ea Sleekbook 14-b008sa 14-B151TU 15-B130sa Sleekbook 14-b027tu 14-B153XX 15-B133tx Sleekbook 14-b027tx 14-B154LA 15-B134tu Sleekbook 14-b028tx 14-B155LA 15-B140ca Sleekbook 14-b036tu 14-B156LA 15-B145eb Sleekbook 14-b037tu 14-B162LA 15-B146ef Sleekbook 14-B100 SERIES 14-B164LA 15-B149ca Sleekbook 14-b100eo 14-B172ED 15-B150us Sleekbook 14-b110tx 14z-b000 15-B151ef Sleekbook 14-b119tu 14Z-B100 CTO 15-B151ex Sleekbook 14-b120tu 15-1000 15-B151sx Sleekbook 14-b121tx 15-2099 15-B153cl Sleekbook 14-b122tx 15-b000ed 15-B153ef Sleekbook 15-B100 SERIES 15-b000ej 15-B153nr Sleekbook 15-b103sg 15-B000EM 15-B153SG 15-b104eo 15-B000ES 15-B153sg Sleekbook 15-b174eg 15-b000et 15-B154ee Sleekbook For Pavilion SLEEKBOOK 14-B106AU 15-b000ev 15-B154nr Sleekbook 15-b002ej 15-b000sh 15-B155ev Sleekbook 15-b002ek 15-B000SM 15-B155sw Sleekbook 15-B002EM 15-B000SQ 15-B156eo Sleekbook 15-B002EQ 15-B000SS 15-B157eo Sleekbook 15-b002ev 15-b001ee 15-B160ea Sleekbook 15-B002SE 15-b001eia 15-B160etSleekbook 15-B002SH 15-B001EM 15-B160sa Sleekbook 15-B002SK 15-b001eo 15-B161ea Sleekbook 15-B002SM 15-B001EU 15-B161ef Sleekbook 15-B002SQ 15-b001ev 15-B165eb Sleekbook 15-B002SX 15-B001SE 15-B167ca Sleekbook 15-b002tu 15-B001SH 15-B168ca Sleekbook 15-b002tx 15-B001SIA 15-B177ed Sleekbook 15-b003ee 15-b001ss 15-B193eg Sleekbook 15-b003eia 15-B001SU 15-b195sa 15-B003EM 15-b001tu 15-n010sg 15-b003eu 15-b002ed 15Z-B000 CTO Sleekbook 15-b003ev 15-b002ee For Pavilion Ultrabook 15-B003SE 15-B003SIA 15-B003SQ 15-B003SH 15-b003tu

  • Brand Name: JIGU
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Compatible Brand: HP
  • Battery Voltage: 14.8V/14.4V
  • Model Number: TPN-Q116 Sleekbook 15T-B100
  • Package: Yes
  • Battery color: Black
  • is_customized: Yes
  • battery cells: 8 cells